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Lady Gaga and Beyonce “Telephone” video: Who are the designers behind it?

March 11th, Lady Gaga’s video for “Telephone” featuring Beyonce was released with everyone’s anticipation that it was going to be EPIC…  I have to say the whole thing was a bit too much to digest at times and you would need to watch it several times before you get half the video’s story line clearly.  The video was also a bombardment of all kinds of fashion WOWs and Oh NOs.  Nevertheless the looks in this video deserve a lot of attention, because clearly a crazy amount of WORK and imagination went into making every scene and outfit.  (You can only wonder how much fun the creators had in making the storyboard for this video).  We could go on and on about how the video is EPIC or not, but my goal here is to shift the attention to the designers behind the video.  First if you have not seen the video, check it out:

The designers involved in this video are; Atsuko Kudo (A Couture Latex and Fetish House), Jeremy Scott, Haus of Gaga (Lady Gaga’s Creative Team), Christian Louboutin, Charles de Castelbajac, Oscar Olima, Franc Fernandez, Emilie Pirlot, Mercura, Brian Lietchenberg, Victor & Rolf, Search and Destroy, Chanel, Vintage Thierry Mugler, Fred Butler, Rachel Barrett.  You can click on some the names, to check out their websites and work.  Here are some of their work in the video (pictures from Tresdope.com);

Prison Suit by Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Prison Suit by Jean Charles de CastelBajac


Jacket and shoes by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, shoes by Fernandez and Olima

Jacket & shoes by Jean Charles De Castelbajac, shorts by Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima


Hat and Dress By Atsuko Kudo, Sunglasses Jeremy Scott

Dress and hat by Atsuko Kudo, sunglasses by Jeremy Scott


Jacket by Search and Destroy

Jacket by Search and Destroy, Sunglasses by Chanel


Glasses and Boots by Haus de Gaga, Chain suit custom made by Viktor&Rolf

Cigarette Sunglasses/boots by Haus of Gaga, and chain suit by Viktor & Rolf


 You can check out more of the scenes and outfit breakdown by designers at Tresdope.com.   Click here to go straight to the article (by Tania Chapanian) detailing the outfits and designers.


So how do you feel about the video and the outfits?    Comment on it.


Other things:

A. THIERRY MUGLER who designed some of the hats for Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the video, was a major part of Beyonce’s I AM…WORLD TOUR.  Click here if you are curious to see the sketches for her outfits.  

B. Check out Lady Gaga’s new campaign endorsement with Cindy Lauper for MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Spring 2010, a softer/pretty look for Gaga:

Lady Gaga & Cindy Lauper for MAC Viva Glam Spring 2010






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