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Victoria Secret Model Search + VS ALL ACCESS Website

I usually don’t post about Model searches, but since many women do like VS I thought I should post about this opportunity.  So I just got an email from Victoria Secret, announcing their VS Model Search which will allow winners or selected women to feature in a VS fashion show which will be shown on CBS on Tuesday December 1st 2009 on CBS at 10pm/9pm central time.  The deadline to enter is October 24th 2009.  You must be 18-30 years old and at least 5’8″ and available to be in NY from October 29th to December 3rd 2009 to continue competing and participating in search.  If you are interesting or know someone who would be direct them to this link or go to  That is if you or they don’t mind walking down the runway in just lingerie in front of the whole country on TV!!  :-p

VS Model search

Tah Tah 🙂



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Bravo’s Fashion Show: The Winner(s)

And the winner is…..  Anna




So Bravo’s “The Fashion Show” has come to an end, and tonight the winner(s) was announced. And I say winners, because the judges voted for Daniella as their favorite designer of the entire show, but American voters chose Anna. (click on their names to read Bios on

I liked Anna’s collection because it was feminine, often times simple but beautiful, and I can imagine most women wearing them without feeling uncomfortable or as if they were reaching too far to be fashionable.  BUT oh Daniella’s collection was the most fashion forward yet beautiful to me, it was youthful and edgy, her pieces would make a young lady feel unique and stand out… BUT her models were the thinnest and thats is not appealing to the general population :-/

If you haven’t seen the show at all, you can check out some of the clips below from last episodes, and they include the collections of the winner(s).


Tah Taahh 😉

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And Project Runway is Back!!!!

Finally, Project Runway is back but this time on Lifetime (check your local Cable for information).  As the video shows below, the show will run again starting August 20th at 10pm/9pmc, and I am Super Ubbeer excited.  There is a new show within Project Runway called “Models of the Runway”, I am not too sure about this one, it seems a bit dramatic!!  BUT I will definitely be posting on the show and the creations when it starts…so until our next Project Runway post and in the words of Heidi Klum  “auf wiedersehen”  😉

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