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Style Risk??? Or a Big No No???

I had to post this…So singer/model  Cassie has decided to shave half of her head…Honestly, I dont know why artists do this, I guess it’s a new PR move.  I am not really feeling this hair style at all…I usually like Cassie’s fashion sense because her style is edgy with a nice feminine touch…however, when it comes to Hair it can break or make an outfit!!!!  So, Do you Loveit or Hate it?

April 10th in NY

April 10th in NY

April 10th NY























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Fashion: out of control?!

Usually when we see news coverage of a FASHION DISASTER/DRAMA story,  we see horrible outfits or crazy  and Outrages designer creations on the runway like this one;


FASHION DISASTER (THIS IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE...Makes me laugh everytime!!!!!!!!)

However, when I read the story of  a 17 year old boy from New York, Kevhan Thorpe, in the New York magazine this past week; I was fascinated, disturbed, and taken back a little by what the article might mean for many people….Here was a young black teenager, living at QueensBridges Houses projects (not the fanciest places to live), who is also an honors student with dreams of going to Harvard Law school, being featured in an article titled “The Fashion Thief”.  Thorpe is as a young fashion fanatic and serial shoplifter, whose been jailed a couple of times for his shoplifting and stealing habits for Luxurious fashion items.  It is clear to see that many of people would find it to both expose and reinforce stereotypes (especially for those of us who have experienced being followed around by a guard at a major luxurious store because we are brown, you can understand this point)…..ESSENTIALLY,  it is the content of this feb 2009 story featured on  that is interesting and worth reading (if you haven’t yet read it)


NY Mag. "Kevhan Thorpe" pic. by

NY Mag. "Kevhan Thorpe" pic. by

Kevin's stolen items as he featured on his MySpace (picture by

Kevin's stolen items as he featured on his MySpace (picture by


The article describes the young man’s journey in becoming a fashion thief and the reasoning behind his actions, which quite frankly are not clearly diagnosed in the article…However it is comments like, “I feel high-class—like nobody can tell me nothing.” (by Thorpe) and “If you’re walking down the street with average clothes, people won’t pay attention to youBut then you walk down the street wearing, like, a thousand-dollar outfit, people gonna look at you a certain way” (by his family/friend), That gets me to think, you know what??? there might just be a “Fashion Obsession epidemic” today???

Thorpe has taken from labels like Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Prada and in departments like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys…the price has never been the point, it is about getting his hands on the items he feels he must have.  The story includes interviews/words of family and friends of Thorpe like this one; [“I went to a store in Manhattan with him one time,”      says Monet (family/friend). “He was like, ‘We gonna go to Prada, then we gonna go to Fendi.’ He said he had his grandmother’s credit card and he’s gotta get some Pradas. He was like, ‘Come on, I’ll get you a pair.’ And when we got to the Prada store, he just walked in like he was P. Diddy. He saw these gold Pradas with straps, and he was like, ‘Oh, I have to have those.’ He was like, ‘Miss, do you have these in a size 38?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, you want to try them on?’ He was like, ‘No need to try them on. Just put ’em in a bag, ring ’em up.’ He had this attitude like he owned the world.” ]

I am wondering what has pushed him to become a fanatic for high-end fashion ‘literally’ to the point of risking Jail time, multiple times??  HE IS NOT THE FIRST NOR THE LAST, there are thousands of people all of over the world who have the same problem not because they have to but because they want to…we may have different opinions on it, but the point is that maybe we all need to keep our ‘fashion philosophies’ and what influences our love for fashion, in check


so, What’s your take on it???


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Spring Trend 09 Items: Leggings..looks like they are here to stay

One of the Spring 2009 trend items is LEGGINGS (of course, since we have been wearing them for a while now…Im not sure when they will go out of style !!!!!)  As I have been discussing with other fashionista friends, some the leggings styles are going a little out of control…..What’s your take on this????? Do you Hate it or Love it??    See pictures below/Comment below


Marc Jacobs--Leggings

Marc Jacobs--Leggings



Ciara in NY





Nevertheless, leggings for this Spring ’09  season are for those who want to GO ALL OUT…It is all about Bright colors, Neon, PVC, Strong prints and textures, sequins, exotic Prints etc…it’s pretty much 80’s STYLE

Pregnant Kelis (picture from

Pregnant Kelis (picture from

Amber Rose/Bright leggings

Amber Rose at fashion week 09 (pic from

YELLE, french rapper (pic from

YELLE, French female rapper (pic from







LNA Zipper from Wink

LNA Zipper from Wink $50


forever21 $12.80

American Apparel HighWaist Leggings

American Apparel HighWaist Leggings $44

American Apparel Leggings

American Apparel Leggings $42

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TOPSHOP Finally opening NEXT WEEK on April 2nd, after major DELAY of the promised FALL 2008 opening.  Most fashionistas are just SO EXCITED about the opening of this London fashion store by Phillip Green; TOPSHOP in New York on April 2nd will be on 478 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, ie/ Broadway and Broome, SOHO.  

TOPSHOP will also produce its 9th collection by model KATE MOSS , and so many people have been waiting for it open and bring a little bit of LONDON’s style to their closet….It was one of my favorite spots in London (Topshop by Oxford Circus) for shopping for jewelry, belts, shoes, and vintage pieces… LETS HOPE that TOPSHOP New york WILL BE AS EXCITING AS THE ONES IN London.





If you can’t go to New York or London to go to TOPSHOP, you can always go online at  The prices are reasonable and the site has a variety of styles.

I’m quite excited actually  🙂 ….

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