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Modern Day Dilemma of The Stylish Woman: Your phone’s touch screen vs. Your Gloves

Hello there to all Iphone owners.  It is getting very cold out there, and no one wants to freeze their hands just to pick up a phone call when we are walking outside, especially because you just can’t TOUCH anything on your Iphone with your gloves!!

Well here is a creative solution to this fashion dilemma: The Touch Drivers Gloves sold online at

These gloves run for 25-28 British pounds ($45) and really is a perfect item for the Iphone stylish woman of today in freezing weather.

To read more about this item go to the Guardian by click here


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Coca-Cola’s “If You Love It Light” Ad: What do you think of it??

So I have recently caught this Coca-Cola ad “If You Love It Light” mainly shown in the UK, and I am surprised I have not caught this earlier.  But obviously, the ad is about staying away from calories by drinking the light Coca-Cola.  However, you also have super skinny “fashionable” marionettes with what I call “lolipop” heads dancing around in Christian Louboutins heels.  These lolipop head characters are obviously in a fashion house office of some kind, getting happy on light Coca-Cola.  It is actually quite funny but at the same time shows a little bit of a disturbing caricature of the industry’s women… What do you think?  If you have not seen the video, check it out here below after the print ad.

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Women, Design & SportsWear: “Va$htie Kola First Female to Design for Jordans”

We love it when a woman breaks into an all male territory, especially when it comes to areas of design like sports fashion.  To women, mascara, heels, curls, or nail polish should not stop us from being amongst the boys and contributing our talent to an area of work mostly led by guys!  In fact our perspective may just be the new thing to help a brand rake in more $$$.  So when a girl does just that, it is just GREAT!  This week’s example is Va$htie Kola.  A New Yorker of Trinidadian heritage, known for her talent with video making, her keen eye for fashion, and ability to bring the global, artsy, street, basically the new york feel to whatever she produces.  Now she is the first woman to design for Jordans, soon available in stores October 2nd.  Can’t wait to see what else she can bring, props to her for the being the first LADY to join the Jordans design team.  Check out one of her designs Ladies Air Jordan 2 Retro in Lavender.  Do you like them??

Vashtie Kola, Air Jordan Retro LavenderTo read more about Va$htie Kola and her work: check out her website at

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New York Fashion Week Finale: L.A.M.B & NAEEM KHAN

The final two fashion shows of Fashion Week, L.A.M.B fashion line by singer Gwen Stefani and NAEEM KHAN were both interesting because of their use of bold materials and colors, and noticeable hair choices for the runway.  L.A.M.B of course was younger and hipper, with African influences from the print, to the materials, and colors.  Plus the print vest that Gwen Stefani wore was quite a nice item.  While KHAN’s show, a little more ladylike, but also with some Orient influences with the rich details and materials…  Take a look a look at both runways with the following videos:

Check out the L.A.M.B Spring ‘011 fashion show by clicking here (video/images from

Check out NAEEM KHAN Spring fashion ‘011 fashion show below:


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Where are the Sportier Brands at NY Fashion Week???

I usually ask myself this question, because I am quite a fan of fashionable sportswear like the classic collections in bright colors at most popular sports brands like Adidas, Puma, or like the Stella McCartney collections for Adidas.  I always envision that these brands could be more and more involved in fashion week in whichever city they may choose, although I see London and New York as the best cites for these brands.  So far NY fashion week Spring 2011  has not seen these brands strutting something down the runway or displaying them, and this maybe for various reasons.  But with major sports events happening now and at a similar time in the spring of 2011, why not showcase more fashionable sportswear at fashion week?

Lacoste maybe the only brand to have walked the runways of this Spring 2011 NY Fashion Week, with their fashionable sports inspired looks.  Their Spring 2011 show on September 11th, was very much a ‘Lacoste’ collection; clean cut, chic, minimal, with black, white, and warm earthy colors.  The collection for women and men, carries the Lacoste spirit and original look, while the minimalist part of it gives it a more modern look.  Check out pictures and a video of the show here below:

Images: (ImaxTree)

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What’s With NY Fashion Week So Far?

NY Spring 2011 Fashion Week is still happening and has been since September 9th, with many designers and so many different looks to love, hate, or just errr not care about.  I tend to like designs that look more wearable for the woman walking down the street, but also those that are striking, or make you say “oohh, interesting!”.  So often we get opinions from different noted fashion critics about who did the best so far during fashion week, and usually it is about who has been the most original and who delivers a refreshing collection in comparison to the others.  But as I said, to me they have to be wearable for the woman out in the world and/or striking to my eye.  From day to evening wear, there are definitely reoccurring looks through the shows.  Head accessories (turban or hats), scarves also used as belts, bows, 40’s/50’s, 60’and 70’s looks, the homme (ie. man) look, Asian elements and colors, the Dame or lady look, and also fitted and sexy designs with Pastel and soft colors, as well as soft, fluid, and slinky materials….Yeah a lot going on.  Since it would take forever to show you all the looks, here is a peak at some of the looks and designs during this NY Sprg/011 Fashion Week as of Thursday September 16th

(Expand video screen for larger view)

Images from (by ImaxTree) and Music by Por Mi Camino/instrumental

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Boots: Ankle High, Laced Up, or Buckled Up

Get ready to buckle up or lace up with ankle boots this fall season.  This look is big trend for fall designed with two key feature the laces or buckles.  I have always been quite reluctant to wear the ankle high boots, especially when your body is not model-esque but more voluptuous or curvy, because if not worn properly it might make you look more disproportionate rather than accentuating your body shape or outfit.  Finding the right pair of boots that compliments your style and body, is key.  But when it comes to this style, I am liking it a lot!  Love the sporty/army yet feminine and sexy look that these boots have, definitely gives character to any simple oufit.  Here are some interesting styles at various prices HARLLEM BLACK LEATHER Boot $99.95Madden Girl Kholor Bootie $59.95ANNE MICHELLE Maneater Womens Boots $29.99to check out:

ASH Patty High Sneaker Booties $280Deena and Ozzy Treaded Lace-Up Boot $68Dolce Vita Harrison Suede Oxford Bootie $188Thakoon Giuseppe Zannoti for Thakoon Suede Booties $795ASH Glen Platform Booties $230ASH Egoist Cuff Boot $265Gianvito Rossi Platform Suede Lace Up Bootie $1,125Women's Anne Michelle by Journee Faux Lined Ankle Boot $44.99

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