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Quick Press: Miley Cyrus Leather Dress: What you think? + Check out Marks&Spencer Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign

On March 26th, Miley Cyrus showed up for her movie premiere “The Last Song” in a leather dress, feminine and edgy at the same time… I like this look, the dress on her says that she is choosing more feminine looks for the red carpet…. But what you think?Miley Cyrus-- Leather Dress

Also Check out Marks&Spencer recent campaign with VV Brown, Dannii Minogue, Lisa Snowdon, Ana Beatriz Barros and Twiggy for Spring/Summer 2010. They are doing quite a good job for an old British house brand… Nice campaign, looks like M&S has become more fashion since I last visited the UK

Go to to see more, interviews, back stage interviews…
PS: M&S ships to 80 countries if you are interested.


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What do Diane Von Furstenberg, Meryl Streep, Stephanie Okereke, the UN and fashion have in common?

Well, first and foremost the first three are women, obviously….  Secondly, they are women who have joined hands in the fight to bring change to the living conditions of many women around the globe.  On March 12th in New York city at the Hudson Theatre, many women leaders and popular figures like Queen Raina, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Diane Von Fustenberg, Donna Karan, and many more, came together for the “Women in the World” summit under the UN to discuss many the global issues affecting woem today.  Global issues such as human trafficking, rape as a tool of war, lack of education, and the desperate need to empower women affecting women’s lives all over the world were all discussed.  The summit started March 12th and ended today March 14th, with high hopes for more summits in the future.  Women in the World Summit

Some other international personalities such as Stephanie Okereke (Nollywood famous actress~ ‘Nigerian Hollywood’ for those who do not know) took the stage with Meryl Streep interpreting scenes directly related to women’s experiences around the world.

Actress Meryl Streep and Nollywood Actress Stephanie Okereke

Also this week, Rachel Roy (I absolutely love her style and designs) got to dress Stephanie Okereke for the occasion, she even posted four looks for the actress on twitter and asked her fans to help her pick the best look for the actress to wear at the summit.  You can check them out below or go to Rachel Roy’s twittpic here to see her request.  I personally preferred the dark blue dress at top right, what you think??

Stephanie Okereke in four Rachel Roy outfits

Earlier on today, Diane Von Fursternberg organized the DVF award, dedicated to women who are inspiring and bringing change around the world.  The entries for voting a winner began in February and the winner was awarded today.  Her name is Katherine Chon for the Polaris Project, which fights against human trafficking and modern day slavery

Katherine Chon- Winner for DVF award

Image from



You can go to her website, to check out what this Washington DC non-profit organization is doing.

It’s always great to see women in the arts actively joining hands with other leaders to help out the less privileged around the world.  If you have been inspired by the event and would like to know more, you can go to DVF’s website by clicking here and also by visiting by clicking here.

Also do not forget that you can help places hit by disasters like Haiti and Chile by donating to the red cross through the secure ‘social vibe donation box’ on the right side of the site.

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Lady Gaga and Beyonce “Telephone” video: Who are the designers behind it?

March 11th, Lady Gaga’s video for “Telephone” featuring Beyonce was released with everyone’s anticipation that it was going to be EPIC…  I have to say the whole thing was a bit too much to digest at times and you would need to watch it several times before you get half the video’s story line clearly.  The video was also a bombardment of all kinds of fashion WOWs and Oh NOs.  Nevertheless the looks in this video deserve a lot of attention, because clearly a crazy amount of WORK and imagination went into making every scene and outfit.  (You can only wonder how much fun the creators had in making the storyboard for this video).  We could go on and on about how the video is EPIC or not, but my goal here is to shift the attention to the designers behind the video.  First if you have not seen the video, check it out:

The designers involved in this video are; Atsuko Kudo (A Couture Latex and Fetish House), Jeremy Scott, Haus of Gaga (Lady Gaga’s Creative Team), Christian Louboutin, Charles de Castelbajac, Oscar Olima, Franc Fernandez, Emilie Pirlot, Mercura, Brian Lietchenberg, Victor & Rolf, Search and Destroy, Chanel, Vintage Thierry Mugler, Fred Butler, Rachel Barrett.  You can click on some the names, to check out their websites and work.  Here are some of their work in the video (pictures from;

Prison Suit by Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Prison Suit by Jean Charles de CastelBajac


Jacket and shoes by Jean Charles de Castelbajac, shoes by Fernandez and Olima

Jacket & shoes by Jean Charles De Castelbajac, shorts by Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima


Hat and Dress By Atsuko Kudo, Sunglasses Jeremy Scott

Dress and hat by Atsuko Kudo, sunglasses by Jeremy Scott


Jacket by Search and Destroy

Jacket by Search and Destroy, Sunglasses by Chanel


Glasses and Boots by Haus de Gaga, Chain suit custom made by Viktor&Rolf

Cigarette Sunglasses/boots by Haus of Gaga, and chain suit by Viktor & Rolf


 You can check out more of the scenes and outfit breakdown by designers at   Click here to go straight to the article (by Tania Chapanian) detailing the outfits and designers.


So how do you feel about the video and the outfits?    Comment on it.


Other things:

A. THIERRY MUGLER who designed some of the hats for Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the video, was a major part of Beyonce’s I AM…WORLD TOUR.  Click here if you are curious to see the sketches for her outfits.  

B. Check out Lady Gaga’s new campaign endorsement with Cindy Lauper for MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Spring 2010, a softer/pretty look for Gaga:

Lady Gaga & Cindy Lauper for MAC Viva Glam Spring 2010





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New Endorsements: “Zoe Saldana” for Avon and “Solange Knowles” for Rimmel London

It looks like beauty house brands have decided to give their brands an up-do with new endorsements by younger celebrities.  This time Avon has decided to sign on Zoe Saldana and Rimmel London has decided to sign on Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister if you are not familiar with her).  I think the choices are obviously to revive the brands and give them a younger and fresher appeal and also to attract younger customers.  In the UK, Solange Knowles is much more popular than in the US and also more appreciated as an artist since her music resonates more with the UK music lovers.  So choosing Solange Knowles for Rimmel London is a nice move.  I would have thought that they would choose Kelly Rowland, since she is even more popular in Europe, but I can see how Solange Knowles could help and add great appeal to the brand.  Solange Knowles has a distinct look, she is fashion forward, and pretty much comes across as a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and make her own decisions as she pleases.  Solange Knowles will join other past endorsers for Rimmel London such as Kate Moss.  The new campaign will also feature Zooey Deschanel and model Alejandra Ramos Munoz this year.

Solange Knowles-Rimmel London

Zooey DeschanelAlejandra Ramos MunozIn my opinion Solange will add an another dimension to the sort of women that Rimmel London touches.  Hopefully, with Solange’s presence, they will also add more products for olive, caramel, to browner skin tones.  With her image, the brand may be able to reach a wider and more diverse population of young British women, and including those in the US.  In fact the senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Rimmel, Stephen Mormoris, said these women were chosen to ‘reflect the diversity of London and the Rimmel brand’.  The Beauty campaign will begin in Autumn of 2010.  Also, Rimmel London is owned by COTY inc, which also manages fragrances by Solange Knowles’ sister, Beyonce Knowles.


Zoe Saldana for Avon, "Eternal Magic"

With the success of Avatar, Zoe Saldana is seeing rise in her popularity, and with that comes major endorsements for beauty products.  So we are happy for her.  Avon is more low-key in comparison to Rimmel London, their ads are less flashy and more about natural beauty.  Nevertheless, Zoe Saldana will be able to bring a younger and fresher look to the brand, and like Solange Knowles with Rimmel London, it will only make younger women of different backgrounds attracted to Avon.  She will be the face of Avon’s new fragrance called Eternal Magic, starting this april.  She will join former endorsers Jennifer Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. 

By the way: Beyonce Knowles (Solange Knowles sister) and her mother Tina Knowles, have opened a beauty school in Dumbo, Brooklyn name the “Beyoncé Cosmetology Center” at the Phoenix Center a rehab center for people overcoming drug addictions.  The school will include a seven-month beauty training course, in order to give chance to individuals wanting to rebuild their lives and with a passion for practice in beauty.

Beyonce Cosmetology School

Check out a video on, for Beyonce’s comments on her work and role for the project, with a promise of $100,000 a year including all the products needed to be used at the center donated by L’Oreal.  Click here to see video and full article.


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Rachel Roy: So in love with her designs

I have recently fallen in love with Rachel Roy’s designs, and I am so happy that they (specifically the Rachel Rachel Roy collection) are still available at Macy’s, because I have not had the chance to try them on and see how they would look on me.  I usually have an issue fitting things around my hips, so we will see.  But I have a feeling that they will look great.  Roy is very beautiful and yet appears to be quite a strong person, and her designs seem to really reflect who she is.  In other words, you can easily take a quick look at her and her designs, and see that the designs are like an extension of herself.  Also, she wears her designs quite often, and always looks very ladylike. Ok enough with the “she’s beautiful” speech.  Plus, Rachel Roy is also involved in charitable work especially with orphans in Africa, and who wouldn’t find that great?!

Many of her pieces would complete a woman’s wardrobe, and give them ‘versatile and special every day to evening’ looks.  Her younger looks are also very interesting, which is why someone like me would really be attracted to them.  She also has done recent work with graffiti on her designs including outerwear, shoes, and bags.

She recently had a sweepstake of $1000 worth of Rachel Roy designs plus a chance of being styled by her…. I did not win (boo hoooo)  how sad but then again there were about 2000 entries.  But I encourage anyone to check out her line, and if you have twitter follow her she has pretty interesting posts.  Check out her line online at for prices and shopping online.

Rachel Roy at Cinema Society Screening Event. (RRR Sweater and Blouse)

Rachel Roy at Cinema Society Screening Event. (RRR Sweater and Blouse)

Rachel Roy and Estelle at one of her Fashion event (NY)

Rachel Roy and Estelle at one of her Fashion event (NY)

RRR Fall

RRR Fall 24 hour dress $99

RRR fall

RRR fall Blazer Dress $129

RRR Fall

RRR Fall $149

RRR Fall

RRR Fall Vest $79


RRR Fall Chain/dress $89

RRR Fall

RRR Fall $89

RRR Fall

RRR Fall

RRR Limited Edition Graffiti

RRR Limited Edition Graffiti

RRR Fall Jewelry

RRR Fall Jewelry

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Summer Style-Playsuits Continued: African Prints

If you are the kind of person that likes to look unique at different occasions, then perhaps you can try styles for the summer time made in African prints.  There are unique, and even if you have not been exposed to the style, unless you are an African or a lover of international fashions, you will like standing out in an African Print look.  Bold and bright African prints are starting to invade high fashion arena much more than it has in the past, and I encourage everyone to look into them and try them out!!!  Check out some of the playsuits available in African prints at (see below) and also at Boxing Kitten, a fashion line that focuses on making more ‘vintage-ish’ looks made with African prints mostly produced in Holland (how ironic!!).  If you like to sow/create your own clothes or styles by yourself or with a tailor, is a good place to start for buying African prints (made in Holland).  Order online/ships internationally, however their online stock tend to offer fewer prints than the actual stores.  But if you are in a big city like NY, London, Paris and so on finding stores with large stocks of African prints is sooo easy.

 Check out some looks:

Fergie in Boxing Kitten

Fergie in Boxing Kitten


Boxing Kitten Romper

Boxing Kitten Romper

Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten NKWO African Print Playsuit $101.19 NKWO African Print wrap Playsuit $101.15

Asos NKWO African Print Wrapt Playsuit $101.15

Asos NKWO African Print Wrapt Playsuit $101.15

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Summer Style: Short Jumpsuits

Summer is not over yet, and already fall and pre-fall collections are already here…doesn’t it just make you kind of sad, it’s like they are pushing summer away a little too early.  But it’s okay there is still enough sunshine to wear cute summer styles, so take advantage of it.  Yesterday, Beyonce knowles was seen in this red plaid jumpsuit, it is a look that works on her but I don’t necessarily see it working on everyone or everybody type.  BeyonceBut no worries they are plenty of shops/designers who are selling  playsuits/rompers/short-suits (whatever suits you) at different price range.  Take a look:


Forever21.  $27.80

Forever21. $27.80


Topshop Playsuit.  $90

Topshop Playsuit. $90 $40 (Click to enlarge)


Topshop black playsuit. Now $30

Topshop black playsuit. Now $30 (Click to enlarge)


Forever21. In stores $25

Forever21. In stores $25


UrbanOutfitters. $29.99

UrbanOutfitters. $29.99


Catherine Malandrino $276.50

Catherine Malandrino $276.50

Catherina Malandrino

Catherina Malandrino


Mason Onesi, Eskell.  @ Jesse James In NY $176 original price (Check if store for sales)

Mason Onesi, Eskell. @ Jesse James In NY $176 original price (Check store for sales)


Lipsy London $85 (50 pounds/GB)

Lipsy London $85 (50 pounds/GB)  $34.99 $34.99


Lipsy London.  $81 (48 pounds/GBP)

Lipsy London. $81 (48 pounds/GBP) Playsuit $67.12 Sale Playsuit $67.12 Sale

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