BEAUTY: Looking Sheerly Amazing!

It surely is amazingly hot out there and I have just landed a great face cream to help me look sheerly amazing – flawless and no discoloration please, especially for high ‘melaninified’ skins of Olive to Dark brown tones! Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation available at Sephora (click here) is natural and so far is working great.  This cream is smooth, light, and fast absorbant!  I will keep posting on the transformation my skin is going through.  But I have to say, keep bringing out great products Ole Henriksen, there is a reason why Sephora beauty advisors keep recommending you everytime I walk in there!  O’le to you!!

Also to help your skin stay even as your skin, freckles, unwanted bumps are exposed to harsher summer time rays, try Ole Henriksen’s other natural products in serums like Enlighten Me or Roll-on Blemish Attack also available at Sephora online and in store.


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