‘Tis the Season to Try Velvet

As a little girl I never understood my grandmother’s love for anything velvet!  To me velvet was something reserved for people who live in castles somewhere in a far far away Disney fantasy land.  On the occasions that my mother even considered putting me in one of those mini velvet dresses in a red bordeaux color for little girls, you best believe that I sulked for the entire day, fervently wishing to be an adult, because then I will have the choice of NOT wearing velvet, ever!  Come to realize it, many of my friends have some weird feelings towards velvet.  It’s just one of those looks you are not so confident to try because of a possible ‘traumatic’ childhood experience you may have had with it (ie. Me), or simply not being sure how to wear it and still not look like your lovely grandmother!

Well, it looks like a recent shopping therapy may have answered this!  For the first time, I looked at velvet in a new light!  This time, Velvet was on heels and pumps; the type of heels that would really make you sing ’tis the season to be jolly’ once you put them on!  For this reason, I advise for Velvet on shoes, for those who like me would like to have a fresh beginning with Velvet.


The picks: Ninna Ricci ($795), (Charlotte Olympia ($1,250), Stella McCartney ($745), Ruppert Sanderson ($790), Kurt Geiger ($243 or £150), Bordello ($70.45), and Asos black open toe ($62).

The extra item: Use a gold brooch like one from ASOS (now $17.24) hooked to front of a simple black velvet pump to add glitz and glamour.

and Voila!


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