Coca-Cola’s “If You Love It Light” Ad: What do you think of it??

So I have recently caught this Coca-Cola ad “If You Love It Light” mainly shown in the UK, and I am surprised I have not caught this earlier.  But obviously, the ad is about staying away from calories by drinking the light Coca-Cola.  However, you also have super skinny “fashionable” marionettes with what I call “lolipop” heads dancing around in Christian Louboutins heels.  These lolipop head characters are obviously in a fashion house office of some kind, getting happy on light Coca-Cola.  It is actually quite funny but at the same time shows a little bit of a disturbing caricature of the industry’s women… What do you think?  If you have not seen the video, check it out here below after the print ad.


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