Women, Design & SportsWear: “Va$htie Kola First Female to Design for Jordans”

We love it when a woman breaks into an all male territory, especially when it comes to areas of design like sports fashion.  To women, mascara, heels, curls, or nail polish should not stop us from being amongst the boys and contributing our talent to an area of work mostly led by guys!  In fact our perspective may just be the new thing to help a brand rake in more $$$.  So when a girl does just that, it is just GREAT!  This week’s example is Va$htie Kola.  A New Yorker of Trinidadian heritage, known for her talent with video making, her keen eye for fashion, and ability to bring the global, artsy, street, basically the new york feel to whatever she produces.  Now she is the first woman to design for Jordans, soon available in stores October 2nd.  Can’t wait to see what else she can bring, props to her for the being the first LADY to join the Jordans design team.  Check out one of her designs Ladies Air Jordan 2 Retro in Lavender.  Do you like them??

Vashtie Kola, Air Jordan Retro LavenderTo read more about Va$htie Kola and her work: check out her website at http://www.vashtie.com


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One response to “Women, Design & SportsWear: “Va$htie Kola First Female to Design for Jordans”

  1. Lisa Habmed

    I often find myself looking at men’s sports shoes with envy, knowing that not as much effort and style is put into women’s sports shoes. By the looks of those pictures, those are definitely some kicks I could easily rock! Thank you for highlighting this designer.

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