Where are the Sportier Brands at NY Fashion Week???

I usually ask myself this question, because I am quite a fan of fashionable sportswear like the classic collections in bright colors at most popular sports brands like Adidas, Puma, or like the Stella McCartney collections for Adidas.  I always envision that these brands could be more and more involved in fashion week in whichever city they may choose, although I see London and New York as the best cites for these brands.  So far NY fashion week Spring 2011  has not seen these brands strutting something down the runway or displaying them, and this maybe for various reasons.  But with major sports events happening now and at a similar time in the spring of 2011, why not showcase more fashionable sportswear at fashion week?

Lacoste maybe the only brand to have walked the runways of this Spring 2011 NY Fashion Week, with their fashionable sports inspired looks.  Their Spring 2011 show on September 11th, was very much a ‘Lacoste’ collection; clean cut, chic, minimal, with black, white, and warm earthy colors.  The collection for women and men, carries the Lacoste spirit and original look, while the minimalist part of it gives it a more modern look.  Check out pictures and a video of the show here below:

Images: nymag.com (ImaxTree)


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