What’s With NY Fashion Week So Far?

NY Spring 2011 Fashion Week is still happening and has been since September 9th, with many designers and so many different looks to love, hate, or just errr not care about.  I tend to like designs that look more wearable for the woman walking down the street, but also those that are striking, or make you say “oohh, interesting!”.  So often we get opinions from different noted fashion critics about who did the best so far during fashion week, and usually it is about who has been the most original and who delivers a refreshing collection in comparison to the others.  But as I said, to me they have to be wearable for the woman out in the world and/or striking to my eye.  From day to evening wear, there are definitely reoccurring looks through the shows.  Head accessories (turban or hats), scarves also used as belts, bows, 40’s/50’s, 60’and 70’s looks, the homme (ie. man) look, Asian elements and colors, the Dame or lady look, and also fitted and sexy designs with Pastel and soft colors, as well as soft, fluid, and slinky materials….Yeah a lot going on.  Since it would take forever to show you all the looks, here is a peak at some of the looks and designs during this NY Sprg/011 Fashion Week as of Thursday September 16th

(Expand video screen for larger view)

Images from WWW.NYMAG.com (by ImaxTree) and Music by Por Mi Camino/instrumental


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