Take a Look @ Aqua Couture

Are you into the ‘futuristic-Rihanna-Gaga’ look but just a bit softer and simpler, then maybe  you might like Aqua Couture.  If you are already familiar with this British Retail brand, then you already know that the style is definitely attention grabbing.  The brand started in 1999 by Julie Lingard, with a concept of giving new talent a place to design and produce work that would be unique to the brand.  They have stores in Leeds and on Carnaby Street, London (UK), with futures stores opening globally.  

Although the style is ‘different’, it is definitely recognizable once you take a look at all their designs.  Money wise, well if you get paid in pounds Aqua is on the not too too expensive side, but if you get paid in $, well you might just have to pay a bit more $$$.  Most of the prices range from 70 to 200 (GB pounds) that is about $120 to $320, plus their online store also accepts Euros and Australian Dollars and ships internationally.  I say you can always wait for sales  ;-p 

You can purchase most of their looks on asos.com (this might actually be easier if you already have an account with asos) or you can also go to their website at www.aquacouture.co.uk.  Also check out their Spring 2010 look book, the concept behind the brand, and also news about future international stores openings on their website.

SS2010 Look Book

Here are some of their pret-a-porter looks available on asos and on their website (click on picture to go directly to site):

$170 one sleeve dress
Jumpsuit $170.94$128.21 Asos$188 asos$170.94$314$153$126 cape dress$118 shirt/dress



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6 responses to “Take a Look @ Aqua Couture

  1. Maximilliano

    Credit for sharing this post, it was insightful.

  2. I like the last top/dress i need som like that

  3. "La Lolita"

    I agree katie, its a nice look. Its on Asos.com if you really really want it! 🙂

  4. katie

    i’m obsessed with the grey one-piece pants jumper. love love love

  5. "La Lolita"

    Hey Mary,
    which article are you referring to with the LV comment?? So we’ll look at it

  6. Nice articles, but I am not clear about the point you mentioned about how to distinguish fake and real cheap louis vuitton.

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